Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Some Of My "Mosts": A Look Back

I thought it might be fun to point out to my readers my list of “mosts”, some of which are really fun and informative.  Please feel to click on the links to read what you missed or want to reread or comment on.  

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I would love your comments.  

Most Read (and most surprising that it is the most read)  – My Conflict With A Millennial Mother

Most Disagreements with Me – Never Bring Coffee on an Interview, Part I and Part II

Most Requested (and should be read by anyone redoing their resume)  – Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Your Resume and as a follow up, People will only spend six seconds reading your resume.

Most Comments – (Just a couple of weeks ago) Agency Websites Are Dreadful

Most Surprising (In terms of high readership) – How Long Should An Interview Last

Second Most Surprising (I guess I hit a nerve)  - Why Recruiters Might Not Return Your Call

Most Stupid Answer To An Interview Question (People really do say these things)  – What Is Your Favorite Part Of Your Job

Most Important (from your point of view) – When Is It Time For A Plan “B” In Your Career?

Most Important (from my point of view).  In retrospect, it should have been called how to work with a recruiter and contains very practical advice for people I meet  - How To Bug A Recruiter

Most Critical To The Advertising Business – Category Experience Is Limiting Agency Hiring

Most Important For Agency Management To Understand before starting a new business program – Why Agency New Business People Turn Over So Quickly

Most Often Ignored Information – What An Offer Letter Is And Is Not

Most Ignored Good Advice – What Your Email Address Says About You

Most words in a cover letter (exhausting, but amusing) - The Most Ridiculous Cover Letter.

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