Thursday, May 20, 2010

Adventures in Recruiting: What’s Your Favorite Part of the Business?

About eight or ten years ago, a mid-level account supervisor was interviewing at one of the big agencies. He had lost his previous job, which he had been in for a number of years, also at one of the big agencies. He had told me he really needed to work.

He got very comfortable with his female interviewer. Too comfortable. She asked him in a very matter of fact way, “So, what is your favorite part of the business? What do you like doing the most?”

Without missing a beat, he replied, “Going home on Friday nights. And drinking after work.” 

He didn’t get the job.

Would love to hear your funny interview responses to share with my readers.


  1. I have more stories about things said to me during interviews...like the peer interview at one agency who told me "people here are not the smart." Wow. Guess what, I didn't go work there.

  2. ouch...almost forgot about the potential AE who asked me if she would ever have to stay longer. Her strict principle...she leaves at 5 sharp, no overtime. I actually hired her on the merit of her intelligence and credentials, figuring she might mellow...She didn't.Not that funny, but true.

  3. We had one woman, who, when asked why she left her last job, started sobbing and sobbing. It was really unnerving and awful for everyone involved.

  4. I do remember on one of my first job interviews in college, one of the ACDs I interviewed with saw my book and said, "I have to be honest...you're probably too good to work here."


  5. While at Deutsch I remember a candidate saying to HR why they wanted to work there, "I think I'd be a really good fit for the bank".


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