Monday, March 14, 2011

I Want to Brag

Most of you don’t know it, but both my kids are successful advertising practitioners.  Both are winners.  (I guess it runs in the family!  They are third generation advertising professionals.)  Both have received amazing recognition for their work.

Jeff Gumbinner runs a political consulting firm, Gumbinner and Davies.  Liz Gumbinner is a Creative Director at Deutsch and she is the publisher and editor in chief of a successful blog, Mom-101 and she is partners in two successful web sites, www.coolmompicks.com and www.coolmomtech.com.  They both have received amazing recognition for their work.  I an addition to all this, they are both full time parents, each with two girls.

Jeff’s firm won 13 prestigious Pollie Awards Friday evening, more than any other firm in the country.  Pollies are given out by the American Association of Political Consultants for excellence in political advertising.  If you want to see really good work, go to www.gdwins.com.  His firm is one of the top firms in the country for democratic campaigns and progressive institutions.  He is the creative genius behind their work.

Liz Gumbinner is being honored by AWNY at a luncheon on April 14.  The luncheon is called, “Game Changers” and she is receiving an award called “No Apologies”.  This award is great recognition for her work.  She will be with some rather impressive company at the lunch.  Liz really works four jobs.  She works full time at Deutsch, and she has her blog and two websites.

I  just wanted everyone to know how proud I am.


  1. You're making me cry at one of my four jobs right now. Thank you.

  2. THAT is beautiful.
    Paul Gigante

  3. So sweet---I love hearing a Daddy proud. I don't know your son but if he's anything like your daughter, you did good. --Christina

  4. In Palm Beach there's a rule at dinner. No more than 5 minutes on the children, no more than 5 minutes in the ailments. You didn't exceed the 5 minute rule and I know that Liz & Jeff are real stars. More important, they are really nice people and we miss seeing them.


  5. Congratulations, Paul. With two boys myself, one at WNBC and one about to graduate from Newhouse, I know how proud you must be.

    Ed Rosenthal

  6. Five jobs: full-time (NOT part-time) mom to those cute girls!

  7. What Kate said--job number 5 is a doozy!

    You should be a proud dad. I have three little boys and watching my oldest ride a skateboard makes me exceedingly proud, watching my second eat broccoli makes me feel like I've won the lottery, and hearing that my third didn't beat anyone up in the toddler room makes my day. I can't imagine how it must feel to have your kids do well and be recognized for it.

    Well done kids, well done, dad!

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