Monday, April 5, 2010

Who Am I

I love advertising.  When I was in college, my love of the business got me in trouble.  I took a public speaking class.  I was terrific.  But each time I spoke about ads and advertising, despite what my fellow students said, I got C's.  I finally went to my teacher who told me that as long as I talked in favor of the business which sold people things they didn't need, he would give me poor marks no matter how well I spoke.  Fortunately, he said it in front of the class and I went to my advisor and got my grade changed. 
But I have been a defender and proponent of the business ever since.

I love to share my stories about advertising, about ad agencies, about advertising people and about the industry in general.  The advice I give is based on a long career in advertising and recruiting advertising people. 

My dad had a very successful ad agency, which during the mid-twentieth century, handled many famous brands.  So I am a second generation ad brat.  And both my kids are in the business.  It runs in our blood.

I would be happy to hear your stories, comments and suggestions.


  1. As a person who dropped into business from the art world 25 years ago and had not a clue, I had to learn on the run. (and who says I have a clue now???) We advertise in magazines, papers, journals, newsletters, radio, on line, etc. And still when we survey our crowds the way most people find out about our event is "Word of mouth".

    So my question to you "Is person to person recommendation what its all about - when all is said and done?"

  2. I didn't know your father was in the biz as well. Where?

  3. Your blog is great. Keep the stories coming. I enjoy them all.

  4. Welcome to blogging!

    Signed, Third Generation Ad Brat


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